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Being More Productive Through Technology in 2021 Without Going Crazy Because of it.

One of my personal goals for this year is to streamline processes and develop systems for staying organized and managing tasks. I am already an organized person, and through the years, I have tried to run my offices like well-oiled machines so that I can give the most value to my clients. As an attorney and mediator, I am constantly

Online Court Tips for Attorneys

As with clients, lawyers need some help too in this new age of remote court appearances. As attorneys, we ourselves have learned quite a bit about the dos and don’ts in appearing virtually for court. For example, we’re aware different courts use different tools. This can be a bit frustrating at times since the lack of uniformity creates the burden

Online Court Tips for Clients

Due to major courthouse changes caused by the 2020 global pandemic, you may find yourself appearing before a judge electronically by remote video. This trend has some benefits (safety & convenience), but it also is so new, people are making errors in how they get online, appear before the court, and prosecute their case. There is little room for errors

Sample Zoom Court Hearing

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