Welcome at Law and Mediation Office of Natalia Ołowska-Czajka. Being an adwokat and a mediator and specialising in family law I am serving my clients with diligence and passion. Be it a local legal matter in Poland or a case with an international or cross-border dimension, I am here for you and will work with you for the best possible solution.

Our Legal & Mediation Services

Child Custody

We help parents resolve custody disputes through court orders, namely conservatorship rights and duties, and possession and access issues.

Child Support

We assist custodial parents in setting, collecting and enforcing  the child and medical payments due to their child. We also protect the rights of non-custodial parents so they pay what is fair under their income.


When couples find themselves in separation or divorce, each side searches for legal representation to defend and protect their kids and assets. We help individuals navigate the complexities of divorce, especially when children are involved.


We provide mediation solutions for parents and spouses who seek a neutral voice to help them attempt to resolve their legal disputes privately, outside of the courtroom.

Some Ways We're Different


Find your local office for in-person or remote meetings to handle your legal matter.


Work with our international offices to handle remote disputes, sometimes with no traveling.


Connect online via Zoom for convenient remote consults, meetings, and mediations.


Get education with our free library of videos, blogs, and online presentations.

Ways We Leverage Technology

Video-Based Collaboration

We can connect from anywhere for attorney-client meetings and appointments.

Cloud-Based Documentation

Our team utilizes cloud-based document preparation, storage, and e-signatures.

Remote Court Hearings

As courts worldwide go virtual, we are equipped to quickly appear with clients before Judges.

Virtual Mediations

We host and attend online dispute resolution (ODR) sessions with our clients, including through InstantMediations.com