The Texas State Family District Courts of Harris County (as of this blog post date) are listed here by the Harris County District Clerk.

The child support (IV-D) courts are specialized “Administrative” courts that hear child support matters.  The Harris County IV-D Associate Judges who handle child support are listed here alongside the other child support court judges of the 34-county Second Administrative Judicial Region of Texas.

The chart is below of the current family district and IV-D Child support courts as of February 2017.

Harris County Family District Courts

245 Judge Roy L. Moore

309 Judge Sheri Y. Dean

246 Judge Charley Prine

310 Judge Lisa A. Millard

247 Judge John Schmude

311 Judge Alicia Franklin York

257 Judge Judy Warne

312 Judge David Farr

280 Judge Angelina Gooden

507 Judge Julia Maldonado

308 Judge James Lombardino

CPC Judge Katrina M. Griffith

Harris County Child Support (IV-D) Courts

Court 1 Hon. Gregory R. Wettman

Court 3 Hon. Veronica Torrez

Court 2 Hon. Frank P. Pierce

Court 4 Hon. David Longoria