It can be challenging to calculate child support correctly. Plenty of apps and software I have reviewed do not give correct answers. These apps and software sometimes do not factor in all the necessary values the law requires when calculating child support, such as credits. Or they begin calculations with outdated tax data. Further still, many people, including many lawyers and Judges, rely on apps and software to give them child support estimates, rather than exact amounts. Given the bad information out there, I have recorded the above video tutorial to give a step-by-step analysis to help parents, lawyers, and judges interested in manually calculating correct EXACT Texas child support values, down to the penny. All the individual needs to calculate is a calculator and the free Texas Attorney General Tax chart put out every year here: Also, don’t forget the child support guideline percentage table (the 20% for 1 kid, 25% for 2, etc. list)–it’s conveniently located here on my blog: