Texas Family Code Chapter 232 allows the NCP’s licenses to be suspended for failure to pay child support. Most people think of drivers licenses when they think of which licenses can be affected. It’s true drivers licenses are the most common forms of government-issued licenses that are pulled for failure to support your children as ordered. And it’s generally the case that a drivers license suspension can deal serious headaches to an NCP’s life and may oftentimes be an effective way of getting his attention to pay. But professional licenses like law, medical, or even barber licenses are also on the table and also effective ways of coaxing an NCP to pay up. Even hobby-like licenses like hunting can be suspended. An NCP who is served with a notice for suspension of any license has rights under the law to show why he should be allowed to keep his license privileges. Typically notices can be judicial (meaning a request is made for a judge to suspend an NCP’s license) or administrative (meaning a child support agency, such as the OAG in Texas, informs an NCP his license may be forfeited for not paying). To any notice, a timely response by the NCP is crucial and it may be advisable for him to obtain the help of an experienced attorney to help expedite his defense.The above is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship between the writer and reader. It is prudent to speak with an attorney before making any major legal decision.Mac Pierre-Louis, an attorney at The Law Office of Pierre-Louis & Carr, PLLC based in Houston, TX, writes about child support law issues. He is bar licensed only in the states of Texas and Florida.