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We pride ourselves in providing local and cross-border family law services. Whether it’s a local divorce lawsuit, an interstate child support enforcement, or a Hague Convention child relocation case, we can help or educate you on your best options.

From the first second I met with Ms. Olowska-Czajka in her office in Warsaw, I knew I had come to the right place. Given the difficult time I was going through, I immediately felt at ease and, for the first time in quiet a while, I felt things would turn out ok for my son and I. Ms. Olowska-Czajka ...
Former Client to Natalia Olowska-Czajka, -R
On my behalf I would like to thank you as attorney. You helped me not only as an advocate, but as a woman you opened my eyes to many things. I would like to thank you for your great support and help. You know best how my life has changed in the last two years and thanks to you, ...
Former Client to Natalia Olowska-Czajka, -A.F.
Z mojej strony składam serdeczne podziękowanie Pani Mecenas. Pomogła mi Pani nie tylko jako adwokat ale jako kobieta otworzyła oczy na wiele spraw. Za ogromne wsparcie i pomoc serdecznie dziękuje. Pani najlepiej wie jak w ciągu dwóch ostatnich lat zmieniło się moje życie i dzięki Pani „stanęłam” na nogi.
Były Klient do Natalia Olowska-Czajka: -A.F.


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